Oasis Studios – K Films

The Studio


Oasis Studios Morocco was created by K FILMS in 2012. Backlots and facilities are located on a 17 hectares land on the top of Fint Oasis, about 20 minutes drive from the city of Ouarzazate. 25 hectares adjoining the Studios are rented on a long term deal from the Authorities of Ouarzazate to help add more space for new sets to be built.

Oasis Studios Morocco are set up as follow :


Studio facilities

Offices, meeting rooms and catering area, 12 mobile trailers to extend offices if needed, A workshop for stage construction, A workshop for costumes fabrication which serves as a warehouse as well with an extensive stock of costume, A screening room, A sound and an editing room.


A sound stage

A 300 m² industry standard compliant soundstage is built within the studios and can welcome a wide range of projects.



Three backlots were solid built (cement) then recovered with plaster to show them as an old construction. They can be changed into any set as per designs needed for productions: - An Ancient village that covers 3000 m², allows you to shoot exterior scenes in streets but also interior scenes within the small houses. These winding little streets can double up as ancient cities like Jerusalem, Damascus or even contemporary Middle Eastern cities. - A Temple that covers 3000 m². This Roman Temple, for example was transformed by our construction team into ancient Baghdad. - A Roman palace: It covers 1500 m².


External Sets

2 external sets as a military camp and a check point. They can be transported to others locations if needed.

A spot is reserved for a future sound stage of 1000 m2 and an empty lands for new backlots construction if needed